Opens 7 days a week



Leaving traditional sandwich design behind by combining local ingredients with a new Sammitch style and sauce. It’s all in the preparation, givin’ those buds the thrill they have been waiting for at the price you want to pay.


Monday – Tuesday

Bing King

A “Jianbing” is one of China’s most popular street foods. Often served as breakfast, a bing is similar to a crêpe, topped with fillings like egg, noodles, hot dog, chicken, and wonton. You don’t want to miss out on this unique offering!


Wednesday – Saturday

Sly Dogs Gourmet Sliders and Hotdogs

A variety of gourmet slyders and hot dogs, fried chicken and other delicious offerings. Hearty portions for the price made by and awesomely friendly staff. House-made sauces really put it over the top!