Taplist, week of 7/15/19


Cumulus Tropicalus

6.5% ABV 60 IBU A cloudy, citrusy New England-style IPA with flavors of peach, passionfruit, and grapefruit.


St. James IRA

6.1% ABV 60 IBU Winner of the 2017 GABF Double Red Silver Medal! A malty, biscuity red ale balanced by generous additions of dry hops.



5.4% ABV 22 IBU
Light refreshment with notes of Tropical fruit, citrus, mint and berry


American Stout

ABV:6.5% IBU: 50
This beer is designed in the American stout style. Big roast, with subtle, ashy, coffee and chocolate tones. A full ,soft malt experience ends slightly dry with a crisp, hoppy finish.


Kite String IPA

6.4% ABV 63 IBU The Kite String IPA is our tribute to all that is beautiful with the West Coast IPA. Old school hops meet newer, juicy, tropical varieties in the delicious, refreshing homage to our roots.

Das Brut

6.7% ABV 25 IBU

Through ColdFire and Beergarden’s collaborative exploration of this emerging style, we created a beer with such drinkability and balance that we wondered, if maybe, we hadn’t overlooked something truly special. Soft; yet dry? Extremely hoppy; yet clean and crisp? How can this be? High effervescence drives tropical-tangerine, candy and melon in the aroma. The flavor is much the same with a sparkling, refreshing character that is so satisfying, you find your glass empty almost immediately. We hope you will join us in celebrating the creativity of our fair city and the passion of our robust beer-centric community!


Minute after Midnight 

10.5% ABV,  Brewed with coffee roasted by our friend Pat Campbell
Minute after Midnight is a dark, ponderous stout with artisanal cold brewed coffee. Notes of dried fruit,vanilla, roast malt, caramel and tobacco accompany a bold; but balanced coffee flavor. Best consumed after Sun-down; but perfect for any occasion where good company and intrigue are welcome


Minute Before Midnight

ABV 11.5%, 55 IBU
Aged on: Mexican and Ugandan cocoa nibs from the Chocolate Alchemist and Indian Vanilla beans Luxurious and decadent with surprising balance. Flavors and aromas of bitter sweet dark chocolate, vanilla, and bread with hints of mint,dried stone fruits,tobacco and coffee. Full bodied, rich chocolate delight in a glass.

Lupulin Crush 

7.5% ABV, xx IBU
This fan favorite is back, featuring some of our favorite hops like Galaxy and Simcoe, and backed with a NorthWest style bitterness. 


  Upcoming Beer releases:

Munich Helles

OBF Belgian Table Beer with Yuzu

Tangle of Tigers

46 Stone Fruited Sour

4-Packs & Bottles *subject to availability*



Seeds of infinity

Foeder on Peche

Foeder on Blackberry

Rhyme or Reason Brett IPA

The Sparrow and the Crow

The Branch the Barrel and the Vine

Vintage Cellar Muse




Minute after Midnight (OUT OF STOCK)


Tangle of Tigers (OUT OF STOCK)


Cumulus Tropicalus (IN  STOCK)


St. James (IN STOCK)